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Barry’s Bay: June 14 to July 26 • 2021
Stephanie Park, Spark Pottery, Combermere
Taylor Farquhar, painter, Palmer Rapids

NEW LOCATION! Pembroke: June 11 to July 22
Mike Vlaming, Little Creek Pottery, Cobden
Robin Knox, Robin’s Nest Arts, Pembroke


Barry’s Bay: April 26 to June 14 • 2021

Denise Jordan, Muskoka Kitchen Paddles, Huntsville
Shirley Murphy, Hummingbird Weaving Studio, Barry’s Bay
Pat Forrest, Artful Creations, Renfrew

March 8 to April 26 • 2021

Catherine Timm, Textile Artist

Helgard Hodgkinson, Potter






January 11 to March 8 • 2021

Joyce Burkholder, Canadian Wilderness Artist

Talli Chaimovitz, Bee Kind Organics






Working with the Champlain Trail Museum and Pioneer Village in Pembroke, Placemaking Design wrote and designed the museum’s Strategic Plan, 2020-2024.

This past year, Placemaking Design worked with the Township of South Algonquin to develop a style guide, logo and signage plan.

November 2 to December 28 • 2020

Dan Hill, Hill Pottery
Genevieve Townsend
Lucas Rosandic
Maureen MacMillan
Mike Vlaming, Little Creek Pottery
Tamara Gibson
Tanya Lyons

September 14 to November 2 • 2020

Alex Sztasko Retrospective

Large and small reproductions of Alex’s work are available at Madawaska Coffee from September 14 to November 2, 2020. For special orders and inquiries about originals for sale, email Placemaking Design.

Alex Sztasko (1944–1999) was a painter who lived in Rockingham, Ontario, in the 1980s and 90s. The hills, rivers and lakes of the Wilno area appealed to Alex’s quest for nature and tranquility. He felt at home in the rugged landscape and with the colorful characters who inhabited the area. He and his wife, Gabriella, bought a farm near Rockingham in 1986 while Alex worked as a scenic artist with the CBC for eight years in Toronto, until they moved permanently to the farm in 1991.

Painting became the focus of Alex’s existence, that and exploring back roads, finding visual treasures at every turn and the complexions of the area and its people. He painted hills, farms, fences, wolves, churches, villages.

His bold use of colour, shapes and outlines were clean, primitive and a step beyond magic in how they draw you into their simplest purity. He created over 200 paintings and, in the last three years of his life, made 15 marionettes of local characters.

He bartered some of his paintings with locals, some he gave away and sold many through the Wilno Craft Gallery, with his first local exhibition there in 1988. In 1991, he exhibited at the Art Gallery in Madawaska and in 1994, at Pembroke.

Barbara Lister

Barbara is based in Westmeath, Ontario, where she makes her own glazes, fires her own kilns and designs her own work. Her work has mainly been production-based domestic objects (cups, plates, bowls, jugs, teapots, piggy banks, salt shakers, mushroom keepers), but during the last ten years she has concentrated on more primitive, decorative work created by firing with sawdust.

AUGUST 3 to September 14 • 2020

Ketha Newman

Ketha lives in an old log cabin overlooking the forested hills north of Bancroft. Her work is informed by her life’s immersion in nature. Patterned and stylized interpretations of scenery, plants, animals and the machinery and activities of the local population both contemporary and historical are themes she often explores. Click here to visit Ketha’s website.

Amy Doole

Working in stoneware clay, Amy Doole creates functional pottery pieces intended for everyday use and enjoyment. Her work has a nostalgic and playful aesthetic — earthy colours and matte glazes with the addition of small sculptural aspects, texture and vintage image transfers. Amy is based in Maynooth, Ontario. Click here to visit Amy’s website.

JUNE 22 TO AUGUST 3 • 2020

Dan Hill • Hill Pottery

Dan Hill has his studio in Wilno, Ontario. He strives to make pottery that is technically and functionally sound, combines historical context with personal contemporary expression and provides the user/observer pleasure and beauty in everyday life. Click here to visit Dan’s website.

Rosannah Penner • Ro and Jo

Based in Bancroft, Ontario, Ro and Jo’s bags are hand-painted, screen-printed and include genuine leather accents. Each item is unique. Rosannah was born and raised in the rural community of Bancroft. Creating has always been her passion. She grew up in a very creative family and had lots of opportunity to learn plus the enthusiasm to create. Click here to visit Ro and Jo’s website.

Kathryn Bossy

Influenced by her surroundings, Kathryn Bossy’s mosaic work focuses largely on beauty and movement in nature, often with a touch of whimsy. Each piece may include stained glass, smalti, shells, mirror, upcycled pottery, stones, jewels, found objects, driftwood and handpainted papers.

Madawaska Coffee’s featured artists May 14 to June 22 • 2020
Presented by Placemaking Design

Mike Vlaming • Little Creek Pottery

Mike Vlaming, Studio Potter at Little Creek Pottery, grew up in Cobden and lives just outside of town.

Mike says, “At the wheel I can manipulate and mould the clay, in ‘real time’ as it were, in much the same way people and events in life have moulded and shaped me.”

Mike Vlaming Little Creek Pottery CobdenGenevieve Townsend • Painter and Maker

Genevieve Townsend lives and makes in the river town of Eganville, in the heart of the Ottawa Valley, Canada.

And she has the luck of living among friends and friendly neighbors in her small town — surrounded my forest, fields and a multitude of lakes and rivers from which to draw wonder and inspiration.

On display now at Madawaska Coffee, 19578 Opeongo Line (Hwy 60), Barry’s Bay. Hours: Monday to Saturday, 8:30 am to 3 pm.

Madawaska Coffee’s featured artists January 6 to February 17
presented by Placemaking Design

Tamara Gibson

Tamara’s Wild Sanctuary felted series explores themes of belonging, home, nature and peace. With each new season, experience and adventure, Tamara explores themes arising from the vantage point of new perspectives, relationships and landscapes. Each felting and sculpture is one-of-a-kind, made-to-order, and/or custom designed — made with love from Canadian-raised, mostly hand-dyed sheep’s wool. Tamara is passionate about nature, art, beauty and peace. Her art expresses the exquisite beauty and wild magic of life.

Karen Istead

Karen is a glass artist from the Bancroft area. She creates fused glass as well as traditional stained glass. The fused pieces consist of glass of varying sizes, layered and then fused in a kiln up to six times, developing detail and depth with each fusing — they’re like paintings in glass. The challenge for Karen in her glass work is how to reflect the light and beauty of our area’s beautiful natural landscapes. She captures the sparkling light reflecting upon the endless trees and hills, the waterways and rivers. Her work is original with designs usually inspired by the photos she takes while paddling her kayak on lakes and rivers. The translucent pieces are designed to hang in windows, or on tables capturing the natural light. The opaque glass pieces can be used on walls or become useful art pieces. 613-332-0504 •

Sandy Musclow

Dr. Sandy Musclow is a board-certified naturopathic doctor, classically-trained Chinese acupuncturist and a professional geologist. In her spare time she obsesses over squishy, soft, natural wool fibres, and is addicted to colour! She learned to knit in English class at MVDHS in the 1990s and has been sighted knitting in a duck blind, limestone caves in Vietnam, flanks of volcanoes and during astrophysics and pathology classes. She is a big proponent of stimulating warmth in her patients and was inspired to knit this winter hat collection. Knitting is a therapeutic prescription for anyone — by involving the left and right brain, the task builds habits, improves focus, hand-eye coordination, all while reducing anxiety and fatigue.

Little Branches Rural Roots

Placemaking Design presented at the Little Branches Rural Roots, a library conference at the Arnprior Public Library this fall.

The inaugural Little Branches, Rural Roots Library Conference took place at the Arnprior Public Library on October 4 and 5, 2019. This conference has been tailored to meet the needs of small, rural libraries in Ontario.


Madawaska Coffee’s featured artists from August 19 to September 30, 2019

presented by Placemaking Design

Jody Mckone, Wood and Pyrography + Amy Doole, Pottery

JODY MCKONE: was born and raised in the forests of the Letterkenny Road. She began working with wood and pyrography in 2009.

Inspired by the soothing landscapes that surround her home near Algonquin Park, she creates unique artwork and gifts for nature lovers using reclaimed and salvaged materials. Her vision of creating large, wood-burned art pieces has pushed her to create new techniques in the field of pyrography. Pyrography is the process of burning designs on wood with a heated tool. •

AMY DOOLE: Working in stoneware clay, Amy Doole creates functional pottery pieces intended for everyday use and enjoyment. Her work has a nostalgic and playful aesthetic — earthy colours and matte glazes with the addition of small sculptural aspects, texture and vintage image transfers.

Amy is always looking for ways to create texture in clay — items from nature, embroidered fabric, and random objects like car mats, toys or hardware. The result is a collection of work, influenced by rural life and local landscape, well designed, carefully and skillfully crafted. Amy has been creating, displaying and selling functional stoneware pottery in Maynooth for the past eight years. She has welcomed visitors as part of the Bancroft and Area Studio Tour since 2014. •

Madawaska Coffee’s featured artist from June 24 to July 22, 2019

presented by Placemaking Design

Tanya Lyons

Tanya Lyons has always been a gatherer, collecting and taking in objects, moments and memories. She uses clear glass in combination with natural and found objects to express and reflect her experiences, thoughts and questions about the world we live in and who we are.

After 14 years in Quebec, Tanya has moved back to her hometown community to raise her daughter and continue her sculptural work with glass. Reflecting her passion for helping people find their way, she continues to teach in the glass program at the Haliburton School of Art and Design. She has been co-ordinator of the Madawaska Valley Studio Tour for the past three years and a volunteer artist with the Ottawa Valley-Creative Arts Open Studio.

Her work has been exhibited internationally and she has received a number of awards and grants. | instagram: tanyamlyons


Shukraan | Thank You

July • Pembroke

Placemaking Design is working with the Renfrew County refugee community to help them say thank to the volunteers who taught them English. The event is a celebration of community and caring with food, music and storytelling.